4 Timeless Bathroom Renovation Ideas to Consider this Summer

If there's one place you could choose to renovate in your home, the bathroom should feature in your options. You want a contemporary design with an exquisite layout that's pristine and less cluttered. Besides, you obviously need help renovating your old bathroom to a modern one that satisfies your unique needs. 

But what are some of the most critical considerations when renovating your bathroom to modern standards? Here are some top bathroom renovation ideas to consider for your upcoming project: 

Think About Practical Storage

Indeed, storage is a critical consideration when renovating your bathroom to modern standards. The floating vanity trends have given birth to innovative storage solutions. For example, you can opt for vertical storage options, including built-in cabinetry or floating shelving. It's imperative to prioritise items you frequently use and leave out unnecessary additions when thinking about storage. A practical storage solution allows you to eliminate clutter, keeping the bathroom attractive and concise. 

Maximise the Use of Corners

Another top consideration when renovating your bathroom is to take advantage of corners. These dead spaces should be utilised appropriately. For example, you can design corner stacks or build shelves for storing your essential items. Additionally, you can opt for a closed vanity that fits seamlessly in the bathroom corner to maximise space usage. A reputable bathroom renovation specialist will help you design all these at an affordable cost. 

Consider Neutral Paint or Tiles

Not everyone will agree with this idea, but it's worth trying. Using a white palette or neutral coloured tiles can be an excellent way to avoid repainting or retiling now and then. However, if you don't mind frequent remodels every time a particular colour runs out of trend, you might not find this idea practical. But it's imperative to remember that using neutral colours offers an ideal backdrop for any future colour considerations you might have in the future. But that might not apply with brighter or darker colour tones. 

Incorporate Ceramic 

Finally, ceramic is arguably a trending topic regarding bathroom renovations. Its durability, aesthetic appeal and versatility are unparalleled. Ceramic comes in different shapes, patterns and colours, making it an ideal option for any bathroom remodel. You can use it on the floors or incorporate it into the overall design. For instance, you can use ceramic for tiling, backsplashes or wall coverings. Besides, you can mix different colours, textures or shapes to achieve a customised and contemporary look. 

Consider these four ideas during bathroom renovations to achieve a contemporary and sophisticated space. Work with a reputable bathroom renovations professional in your area to ensure a successful project.