Selection Guide for Your Home's Security Door

Safety is a significant concern for many homeowners. It doesn't matter if your house sits in the middle of a busy town or the edge of an isolated rural location. You need that peace of mind knowing that your valuables and loved ones are safe from trespassers and burglars. Thankfully, homeowners have the option of investing in a security door to enhance security in the home. These security doors come in different types, making it hard for homeowners to pick something that suits their needs. Reading this piece will help you understand the things you should look for when investing in a security door. Keep going to learn more:

The Door's Build

The door's build is a critical consideration for anyone looking to invest in security doors. Today, you can go for stainless steel, fiberglass, aluminium or wooden doors. Steel and aluminum doors lead the pack because of their renowned strength, durability and ability to withstand corrosion. When you choose the right grades of steel or aluminium, have a guarantee against rust and chemical degradation. For example, you may want to look for a material that is excellent at withstanding the effects of halides and salts.

Wood has lots of aesthetic value to your security. It is strong and makes the entrance feel natural. Lastly, fiberglass also suffices for security doors, especially when you opt for high-strength composite materials.

The Installation and Fitting Requirements

A security door is only as good as its installation and fittings. A door that is weak on its frame and hinges poses no trouble for forced entry, which beats the logic of having one in the first place. Usually, metal doors (steel and aluminium) come with their frames. These frames not only allow an excellent fit but also keep the joints from forming lines of weakness for corrosive elements. On the other hand, a wooden door requires the technician to design an inch-perfect frame. You can have installation problems if the frame happens to be out of the square by a few inches.

The Locking Mechanism

Security doors should integrate with a range of locks to ensure that you can optimise your home's security. You can install a trellis lock mechanism that combines a strong wright iron handle with bolts, locks and keys to prevent unauthorized access. Wrought iron is tough and less bound to succumb to a burglar's moves. Alternatively, you can go for a stainless steel wiring system with a three-point locking system. This lock is expensive but near impossible for intruders to manipulate.