Choosing Window Treatments For Your New Home? Why You Should Choose Plantation Shutters Or Blinds

When you build a custom home, you want to get everything right, down to the last details. One of those details includes the window treatments you choose. In most cases, you have three options available to you. Those options are curtains, blinds, or shutters. If you're like many people, you'll choose the curtains, but that isn't necessarily the best option to go with. Instead, you should actually choose either plantation shutters or blinds. If you're not sure that shutters or blinds are the best options for your new home, read the information provided below. Here are three benefits you'll enjoy when you choose shutters or blinds for your windows. 

Reduce the Cleaning Time

If you're like many people, you spend a lot of time on household chores. Two chores that many people dislike include washing the curtains and cleaning the windows. If you're included in that group, you need to give blinds or shutters serious consideration for your new home. Shutters and blinds are much easier to clean. All you need to do is wipe them down with a damp cloth whenever they get dusty. They'll also keep your windows cleaner. That's because they provide a protective shield against dust and fingers that can leave greasy fingerprints. 

Enhance the Sun Protection

If your new home has eastern or western-facing windows, you're going to need plenty of sun protection. Eastern or western-facing windows allow more of the sun to shine directly into your home. Direct sun exposure can damage furniture, fade the colours on curtains and carpeting and undermine the energy efficiency of your home. Unfortunately, curtains don't provide the protection you need against the sun, which is why you need to choose plantation shutters or blinds. Shutters and blinds close to block tight when you want them to, which blocks out the sun during the hottest part of the day. When you want more sunlight, simply open the slats a bit.

Improve Your Home Security

If you're building a new home, you need to take security into consideration throughout the planning process. You might not realise this, but the window treatment you choose plays a big role in how secure your home is. Ordinary curtains provide privacy, but they don't provide any security. That's where plantation shutters and blinds come in handy. Shutters and blinds act as a deterrent against break-ins, making your home safe and secure for your family. 

Don't sell yourself short on the window treatment. Now that you're building your new home, choose the window treatment that will provide your family with maximum benefits. Talk to a contractor about installing plantation shutters or blinds.