Tips on How to Get Your Appliances and Electronics Ready For an Interstate Move

If you're moving from one state to another, preparing for the move may seem like a daunting task. This is especially true when it comes to your appliances and electronics. Knowing how to pack and prepare them as effectively as possible will help ensure that they come out of the move just as new as they went in.  

1. First things first, take measurements

Make a checklist of everything you have and their measurements. This includes big-ticket items like refrigerators, washers, and televisions as well as smaller items like microwaves, fans, and games consoles. These measurements will let your moving company know which size truck you need and whether multiple vehicles will be necessary. Packing appliances into a van that's too small is a surefire recipe for breakages.

2. Empty and lock

When it comes to appliances that open and close, it's better to empty the appliance before you move it than bring it across the country and have to deal with a broken appliance later. If you are going to take your fridge with you, for example, be sure to take all the food out of it and close the door so that it won't be damaged during transit. The same goes even for smaller electronics; for example, remember to take discs out of your games consoles and CD players first. Don't forget to check if your appliances have special locking systems in place, as these make it easier to ensure they won't open up during a bumpy ride. 

3. Pack appliances separately

Even if you can fit multiple appliances into one box, it's always best to pack them separately. Electronics are usually heavy, so they're likely to knock against each other during the move if they're in the same box, leading to chips, dents, and breakages. When you pack them separately, you can ensure every appliance and electronic has adequate padding around it. If you don't have the original boxes, look out for reinforced packaging boxes in varying sizes, or get a custom-made crate for your refrigerator, oven, and other large appliances.

4. Protect your electronics

On the subject of padding, remember that it's better to use too much than not enough. One good material for padding out electronics and appliances in their boxes is bubble wrap. Bubble wrap provides enough cushioning to protect against damage during the move without being too bulky. Other similarly useful materials include packing peanuts and newspaper. Alternatively, choose packing boxes that already have foam linings to prevent knocks. 

To learn more or feel more prepared, reach out to interstate removalists.