Two Situations in Which You Should Use Cut Flowers Instead of Houseplants to Decorate Your Home

Whilst houseplants are a great form of home decor, there are some situations in which you might be better off decorating with fresh-cut flowers instead.

You like to vary your home decor

If you enjoy having new home decor on a regular basis, fresh-cut flowers are definitely a better choice than potted plants. At most, a fresh bouquet will last a fortnight or so. As such, if you use flowers to beautify your home, you'll have to replace them a couple of times a month.

This means that when, for example, you want to give a room a look of elegance and sophistication for a few weeks, you can buy a large bouquet of creamy-white lillies. However if, after a fortnight of looking at these flowers, you find yourself craving a brighter, more daring look in that room, you can simply dispose of the lillies as soon as they start to wilt and replace them with a bouquet filled with, for example, red carnations and fuchsia roses.

Conversely, if you get bored of your houseplants and feel an urge to replace them, you may find yourself feeling guilty about throwing them away when they're still alive. Furthermore, the process of replacing them would be more involved than if you were replacing a bouquet, as you might have to re-pot them, and this takes time and must be done carefully to avoid damaging the plant's roots.

You prefer low-maintenance home decor

If you like your home decor to be beautiful but low maintenance, then you'll probably be happier using flowers to brighten up your property instead of houseplants. Whilst both fresh-cut flowers and houseplants benefit from receiving fresh water each day, the latter also requires lots of additional maintenance.

For example, if you get any plants that have big leaves (like peace lillies), dust will build up on the leaves and you'll need to wipe it off regularly. You'll also have to prune and feed your plants regularly, and you will have to treat any diseases they develop. If you know you won't be able to keep up with this amount of maintenance, then you should stick to cut flowers instead. After you've trimmed their stems and popped in them a vase, cut flowers will need nothing other than fresh water to look good for the brief period they are in your home. 

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