Reasons to Fit Window Awnings Around Your Home

Many people look for ways to cool the home naturally, rather than counting on cranking up the air conditioner on a blistering day. One way to do this is to install external window awnings, which will add a touch of decoration while shrinking your carbon footprint. 

Keep Rooms Cooler

External window awnings cool a room more effectively than indoor curtains and blinds. If windows are covered in internal coverings, the sun rays strike the unprotected glass panes which absorb the warmth and radiate it inside. Curtains and whatnot might block some heat, but not all. On the other hand, external awnings keep the glass cool by shading the windows. They deflect heat and keep your home cooler.

Reduce Air Conditioning Bills

As a result of a fresher home, you'll notice cheaper air conditioning bills. The system won't be toiling twice as hard to cancel out the incoming window heat. Over time, the energy savings will offset the cost of the awnings. Also, awnings shade some external wall areas as well and prevent them from getting hot in the sun, keeping the indoors even cooler.

Add Decoration

Awnings are available in a spectrum of hues and patterns that match different home styles. You could install classic stripes with a scalloped edge in dusty red and cream or grey and white. Alternatively, design a streamlined look with uniform beige or navy awnings. You could merge the coverings with the wall cladding hue, putting fawn against fawn, for example. Alternatively, form contrast with charcoal awnings against white cement render.

Maintain an Open View

Because awnings angle away from the external wall, they can block the overhead sun while allowing you some outdoor view. Thus, the rooms won't feel totally closed-in as they might with shut curtains and indoor blinds. You can also open the windows to enjoy a fresh breeze while blocking solar heat.

Protect Your Furniture

Awnings also defend your furniture from fading in direct sunlight. You can modify how open they are as the sun angles across the sky, and open them entirely if it shifts to the other side of the building.

Choose Manual or Automated Options

You can fix either manual or automated awnings. Some manual styles open with a tug; however, you can automate the awnings to operate them with the touch of a button for extra convenience, so you won't even have to venture outside under the hot sun.

To learn more, contact an awning supplier in your area.