How to Transform Your Laundry Room with Custom Cabinets

In an everyday conversation, most people would talk about the kitchen if they were thinking about cabinets. After all, this is where you will typically find an assortment of cabinets of all shapes and sizes, ready for pots, pans, crockery, cutlery and all the other utensils. Yet other rooms around the home could benefit from some custom-made cabinetry, and the laundry room should be at the top of any list. If you have ignored this relatively small but important space during any home renovation so far, why should you pay closer attention?

Time for Efficiency

While you may only spend a few hours per week in this particular room as you take care of the family's need, you will want to be as efficient as possible when you are there.

At the moment, things may be a mess. You might have a couple of shelves on the walls, a box or two on the floor, and a laundry basket that doubles as a storage spot for hangers. The machines may sit awkwardly in the middle or the corner of the room and everything could do with a makeover.


Start by measuring, and make sure that you do this accurately and don't assume that one wall is the same length as the other. You may find that you get different measurements between two corners based on the height from the floor, and while this may seem bizarre, you should nevertheless take it into account when designing the cabinetry.

Awkward Space

If you work with a company that specialises in custom-made cabinetry, they will take this type of anomaly in their stride. They will be able to design something that fits the space perfectly no matter how odd, and it will fit in with the rest of your decor as well.

Hidden Appliances

You may want to "hide" your washer and dryer within custom-made cabinets as well. You'll be able to run the cables and ducting out of sight and connected to an exhaust grill or power outlets as needed. You may need to keep the door open when you are using them for ventilation, but you could hide them away when those chores have been finished.

Storage Needs

Make a list of what you need to store in this room so that you get the right number of cabinets. You need a place to store hangers, pegs, detergents, cleaning materials, an iron and a laundry basket. You may also need an upright cabinet in order to hold the ironing board.

Design Time

Put some time and effort into this work, so that you come up with the best possible design. Then, talk with cabinet experts so that they can get to work and create a new masterpiece.

To learn more, contact a cabinet maker.