3 Popular Staircase Designs For Small Homes

Extending your home by adding a second level or converting your loft space is an excellent way to increase your home's living space. It's an option that's especially popular in urban areas where external space or terraced housing won't allow for ground floor extensions.

Installing a new staircase to provide access to your new living space is one of the key elements you'll need to consider when planning your extension. As well as where to install it, you'll need to figure out the best location for it. While essential, staircases can also take up a lot of your valuable space.

Fortunately, there are many beautiful and functional staircase designs which are ideal for use in smaller homes or for when you want to minimise loss of floor space. Here are three of the most popular ones.

1. Spiral staircase

Technically speaking, spiral staircases are the most efficient and space-saving style of staircase that you can choose. Their design requires very little floor space on both the upper and lower floor. The curved structure means that you can retain a gradient that isn't too steep without the bulk of a traditional staircase.

Modern spiral staircases have come a long way since the noisy and stark versions of earlier decades. Modern designs are sleek, unobtrusive, and may be an aesthetically pleasing piece of functional art for your home. If you don't like metal, then you can opt for timber, Perspex, or mixed-material spiral stairs.

2. Alternating tread staircase

This type of staircase is another popular choice for small homes or minimising space loss. Instead of having a single level for each stair tread, this design features alternating levels for each step you take up or down.

Alternating tread staircases need significantly less space than a traditional staircase but won't leave you with a steep and perilous gradient. They also look amazing and will add an edgy and contemporary look to your home.

3. Storage staircase

If you prefer a more traditional staircase, then incorporating storage into your design is a great idea. This means you can have the broad stairs with deep treads that you like while still making the most out of the available space.

Bookshelves and slide-out storage cupboards are clever ways to use the area beneath your staircase. You may even like to create a study nook that includes a desk and storage for your office equipment and paperwork.

The perfect staircase for your home will have a combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal. To further discuss which staircase design will work best for your home, contact your local staircase design company for more information.