How to Deal With Muddy Carpets During the Wet Season

In parts of Australia, the wet season lasts for six months, and that can mean a lot of mud in some cases. Mud stains can ruin some carpeting and lots of ground-in dirt can make carpet look old and worn. To protect your carpet and keep it clean, check out the following tips.

1. Keep It Outside

If it's feasible in your situation, try to keep the mud and dirt outside. In particular, have family members and guests remove shoes outside and step inside in their stocking feet. If you've got children or pets who play outside without shoes, consider keeping a bowl of water and a towel outside next to the door. Then, you can clean all the little feet and paws before they get in contact with your carpet.

2. Invest in a Abrasive Doormat

In some cases, for example, if you live in a multi-unit apartment block, it may not be possible to leave your shoes outside. In these cases, you may want to invest in an abrasive door mat. Don't go for style, and don't just pick a small carpet-swatch rug. Instead, look for the most abrasive mat you can find.

Aluminium door mats and rubber brush-style mats work well for this purpose. When people wipe their shoes, the fibres of the mat will help scrub the dirt and mud off the bottom of their shoes. Alternatively, look into brush scrapers — they can be effective at getting dirt off shoes.

3. Clean Entry Ways Often

Even if people are diligent about wiping their shoes, dirt may build up in your entryway. So that it doesn't migrate to the rest of your carpet, you may need to clean your entryway more often than you clean other parts of your home. In particular, beat or vacuum dirt off door mats. Also, sweep and vacuum that area almost daily.

4. Let Mud Dry Before Cleaning

Despite your best efforts, mud may occasionally get onto your carpet. In most cases, it's easier to clean things if you tackle them right away. With mud, however, this is not the case.

Don't try to scrub the mud off your carpet whilst it's still wet. That will grind the stain into your carpet. Instead, let the mud dry. At that point, it will turn into dirt that you can easily vacuum up.

After vacuuming thoroughly, you can use water and a clean towel to blot up any remaining stains.

To get more help with muddy carpets, contact a professional carpet cleaner. They have the tools and experience your carpet needs to look clean and beautiful.