Deciding on the Best Awning for Your Caravan

An awning for your caravan can allow you to enjoy your holiday even if the sun is too hot and bright, or you're stuck under a light rain. An awning can also provide protection from bugs and other irritants when you're trying to relax, and can protect bikes, your grill and everything else you might store outside. When you're ready to decide on the best awning for your caravan, note a few tips to keep in mind so you know you get the prefect one for your travelling needs.

Stand-alone versus attached

One advantage to a stand-alone awning that has four poles or feet is that you can move it around your campsite, or even use it in your backyard when you're home from your holiday. It's also the better choice if you're not sure how to properly measure the side of your caravan for an attached awning and especially if you would need to work around windows, tie downs and other obstructions.

However, an attached awning may be easier to open and close when on holiday, especially if you choose one with a simple crank or remote rather than one you need to manually slide out of a cassette. If you know it would be cumbersome and even difficult to erect a stand-alone awning, such as for those travelling alone, an attached model is the better choice.

You might also note if an attached awning would increase the caravan's resale value, if you know you might sell the trailer in a few years. Buyers may be more likely to want one with an awning already available; a caravan reseller can tell you the best type of awning to choose if you're thinking of adding value to the trailer and not just comfort.

Polyester versus canvas and acrylic

Polyester awnings are very lightweight, watertight, and easy to clean. However, they can trap heat under them, so if you tend to holiday during the summer months, you might need a lightweight canvas material with a loose weave that allows heat to escape. Polyester may also be more prone to wear and tear, so for those who holiday often or who want to use their awning year-round, such as in the backyard after a vacation is over, invest in a heavy-duty acrylic material. Note the sun protection factor and water resistance of any awning if you tend to holiday in inclement weather or need added protection from hot summer suns, such as for campgrounds in tropical areas or the outback.

For more information about awnings for your caravan, talk to suppliers like Wilfords Annexes.