How to Deal With Light Pollution Into Your Home

The vast majority is of Australia's city streets have street lights that are installed to provide a uniform level of light on the ground. The purpose of them is to make it safer for people walking along the streets and to prevent any perceived dark patches. Although this system works well in terms of the confidence people feel when they are out and about at night and in terms of crime prevention one of the problems that lots of street lighting causes is spillage.

If you have a bedroom window that is close to a street light or if you occupy an apartment which is at the same level of nearby lighting columns then you may suffer from unwanted light entering your home at night. What can you do about this?

  • Have Baffling Equipment Installed

Many street lighting manufacturers are able to baffle the light that is thrown backwards from one of their fittings. A good deal of these baffling devices can be retrofitted by the state authorities, but they need to be informed in order to take action. Therefore, you should contact them if light is spilling in through your windows and inform them of the issue. Most street lighting is designed to throw light downwards and away, so it may just mean a simple adjustment to prevent unwanted pollution into nearby homes.

  • Fit the Right Sort of Window Coverings

Blocking out lights built by simply deploying curtains in your home is a simple measure that you can take easily. However, drawing your curtains from the moment street lights are turned on is not necessarily what most people want to do in their homes. After all, drawn curtains block out your entire view. Instead, opt to install louvred blinds. Louvres are a much better option because they are so flexible. Louvred blinds will allow you to maintain a good view outward but to also control the amount of light spill into your home to a fine degree. You can either block it all out or allow some in. It is entirely up to you.

  • Dealing With Major Light Pollution Problems

Where there is a severe case of light spill from street lighting products, for example where you are located next to a major road junction, then you may need to take more drastic measures. In such cases, privacy screens are a good option. Not only do they prevent unnecessary like to ingress through your windows but they make sure that the interior of your home is not able to be viewed by passing motorists.