Tips to Prevent Accumulation of Scum on Your Shower Screens

At times, cleaning the bathroom be a time consuming, disgusting and arduous task. This is especially the case if you let dirt accumulate for quite a while. However, while some parts of the bathroom, like taps and shower holders, do not need regular cleaning every other day, your shower screens do. Dirty shower screens with accumulated scum and dirt are hard to clean, take up most of the cleaning time and are unhygienic. Although it is near impossible to avoid splashing water and soap while in the bathroom, you can control the amount of dirt that gets onto the actual screen. This article provides tips for preventing shower screen scum and dirt accumulation.

Use Furniture Oil -- As you would know, cleaning scum off shower screens is a tough and filthy task. It is also time consuming as indicated earlier. However, this only happens if you allow the buildup of scum on the shower screens. A proven and tested trick to prevent such buildup is to use lemon based furniture oil on your bathroom screens. Therefore, next time you are doing a thorough cleaning of your shower, finish off by applying furniture oil on a rag and wipe the screen. Let the oil settle for approximately two minutes, and then wipe off any excesses with a piece of dry, non-fluffy cloth. The thin layer of furniture oil acts as a buffer that prevents scum buildup.

Use a Squeegee -- Most people have the misconception that a squeegee should be used only when you want to clean the bathroom. All they do is wipe off soap and moisture from the shower screen using their moist towels. Such a move is not only unhygienic but leaves the lower part of the screen unattended to, thereby promoting the buildup of scum and mildew. As such, you should make using a squeegee a routine after every bath session to wipe off water and soap from the screen, top to bottom.

Swap Your Soap for Liquid Body Wash -- Soaps are manufactured from oils and fats, which are the culprits in scum creation. Although you might have used oil-based soap for your showers for a long time, you should try something new and swap the soap for liquid body wash, such as shower gels. Liquid soaps have the same cleaning strengths, but their chemical formula prevents scum from caking up on your shower screens. It might feel strange at first, but the change will benefit your shower screens.

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