Installing A Split AC? 3 Positioning Actions To Maximise The Performance Of Your Outdoor Unit

Split system air conditioners are popular choices in many homes and consist of both an indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit contains the vents to cool the room while the outdoor unit does most of the work through the compressor, cooling fan and condenser. Positioning your outdoor unit correctly is vital to help you maximise performance, so follow these well-planned actions.

Make Sure You Position The Outdoor Unit In An Accessible Area For Easy Servicing

Your outdoor unit needs to be serviced every once in a while to ensure that it retains its optimum performance. For instance, an AC technician will need to clean the fan blades, fill refrigerant and undertake any repair work on the condenser or compressor unit, so the outdoor unit shouldn't be hidden behind any bushes, trees or other blockages that can restrict access. Positioning the unit on an outdoor wall of your home will typically work well because it is easily accessible and enables uninterrupted airflow.

Consider Placing The Outdoor Unit Slightly Higher Or At The Same Level Of The Indoor Unit

If you're thinking about where to place the outdoor unit of your split air conditioner, find a position on your outdoor wall that is higher than the positioning of your indoor unit or at the same level at the very least. If your outdoor unit is placed too low near the ground, then the compressor power will reduce because some of it gets directed towards pushing the refrigerant upwards into the indoor unit. This will decrease the performance of the outdoor unit over time, which in turn will hurt your air conditioner's cooling performance.

Bring The Outdoor And Indoor Unit Closer To Each Other

Since the outdoor unit directs refrigerant and compression into the indoor unit to cool down your room, you'll ideally want to position them closer to each other to reduce the chances of any disturbances inside the pipes connecting the two units. If you let the units sit close apart, some pressure disturbance could potentially get in the way and reduce the cooling efficiency of your air conditioner over time. For example, if your indoor is placed on an internal wall connecting to an external area, you could place the unit on the other side of the all at the same height or slightly higher for optimum performance results.

You'll naturally want your split system air conditioner to perform as efficiently as possible, so follow these well-planned positioning actions to maximise performance. Get in touch with HVAC contractors at a company like ACSIS Airconditioning Warehouse to learn more about air conditioning systems.