Four Tips and Ideas for Designing a Patio for Your Mobile Home

A patio is a fabulous way to create a bit of extra outdoor space by any home, and a mobile home is no exception. Wondering what type of patio would look the best in front of your mobile home? There are several things to consider. Take a look at these ideas:

1. Extend your concrete pad.

If you are moving into a new mobile home and are preparing the patio while you prepare the rest of the plot, you may want to pour a concrete pad that is large enough to hold both your mobile home and your patio. That way, you have a sturdy spot to anchor your home, while also having a relatively affordable but very durable patio.

If your mobile home is already in place, you can still pour a small concrete patio. Alternatively, patio stones or pavers in whatever style you like will work fine.

2. Add an awning.

To give your outdoor space a bit of shade, add an awning. You can put in a permanent awning that extends from your roof like a carport, or you can add a retractable awning. These fit directly to the side of your mobile home, and they extend or retract with the push of a button.

3. Cover the base of your mobile home.

When you put a patio on the ground next to your mobile home, you want to make sure that it creates an attractive effect with the rest of your home. In particular, if the bottom of your mobile home is open, that degrades the look of your patio. So that everything looks clean and stylish, cover the base of your mobile home.

You can add skirting that complements your patio around the entire perimeter of the mobile home. Alternatively, add a lattice to the base of the mobile home next to the patio, and plant flowers or vining plants on it. Even wooden crates or planters can provide a suitable border for your patio and hide the bottom of the mobile home.

4. Integrate the stairs.

In most cases, as mobile homes are slightly off the ground, there will be a staircase to deal with. Keep the staircase in mind when designing your patio. In some cases, it looks best to have the entire patio to one side of the stairs, but in other cases, it looks fine to have the stairs in the middle of the patio.