Regal Storage | 3 Shrewd Ideas for Antique Cabinet Designs

When you're in the middle of planning cooking spaces with your kitchen designer, your best option is to focus on one element at a time to make sure you get what you want without losing motivation. If you're planning to introduce antique cabinet designs to your kitchen, use these shrewd ideas to boost your creativity. In most instances, a professional kitchen showroom will customise these cabinet design ideas for you.

Choose A Colour Finish That Infuses Antique Character Into The Space

Some specific colour finishes add more value to your antique cabinet designs than others, so you may want to introduce them to your kitchen. For instance, colours like cream, off-white, pewter and antique white are popular choices for kitchen cabinets because they give your entire cooking space a regal appearance. These colours infuse warmth into your cabinets and produce timeless appeal. You can easily incorporate your desired colour onto cabinets when working with your kitchen designer and can continue the same colour onto other elements like kitchen splashbacks and benchtops to produce a cohesive appearance for the space.

Add Striking Details To Kitchen Cabinet Doors To Build Visual Interest

Antique cabinet door designs merit rippling motifs and sophisticated mouldings that build visual interest in your kitchen. They are on the opposite end of the spectrum when compared to simplified modern cabinet doors that incorporate streamlined or minimal design effects. You can get antique designs incorporated on the edges or in the centres of the cabinet doors based on the specific style you're looking for. You can even insert decorative glass designs or bead-board patterns on the cabinet doors to enhance the antique value of your kitchen aesthetics. You'll also want to choose ornate handles to complete the visual detailing on your kitchen cabinet doors.

Add Shaped Supports Below Cabinets To Create A Distinct Ornamental Effect  

If you're looking to detail your cabinets to create a distinct ornamental effect during kitchen designs, then you can add shaped supports below them. Shaped or carved supports below the cabinets have the ability to produce attention-grabbing patterns and displays, which can give your kitchen traditional old-world charm. You can either continue with your cabinet colour on these shaped supports for a homogenous finish or you can choose a different colour to create a striking contrast. This will depend on the colour plans you have for the entire kitchen.

Cabinets are intrinsic to overall designs, so follow these shrewd ideas when working with your kitchen designer to achieve these visually appealing antique finishes.