Choosing a Florist For Your Wedding

Because your wedding is so important, you will want to make sure to start shopping early for the right florist to do your wedding. What do you need to know to select the best florist for the job?

Your Style

You need to know your wedding's style before you begin choosing a florist and a flower arrangement. The following styles are normally seen in weddings:

  • Classic- This style is usually very rounded and includes roses, normally all in white.
  • Romantic- This style usually contains looser flowers, such as peonies. The colors are neutral and have a soft pink pattern mixed with white.
  • Natural- This type of arrangement is taken straight from nature and generally has a green, organic design.
  • Bold- As taken from the name, this type of arrangement is characterized by its bright colors.
  • Wild- This type of bouquet has a lot going on. The variety of colors and freer design keeps this bouquet quite busy.


Once you have chosen the type of flowers you would like to decorate your wedding, look at some examples from different florists. See which florist best captures your vision. If they do not have samples available for you to view, consider going with a different florist as you will not want a florist to do your wedding if they are not going to match your style.


After you have established your style and that the florist can accomplish that, you need to ask some basic questions to establish that the florist will work well with you. Ask the florist how many other weddings or events they are doing that weekend. If the florist is a large business and has multiple staff, then they may be able to handle multiple weddings. However, if the florist is running his or her own business, then it may not go well if he or she has multiple events.

Next, you will need to discuss budget. Establish a budget you think is fair on your own, and then discuss with the florist if he or she will be willing to work within your budget. Compare what different florists are offering and see if your budget is realistic.

Last of all, ask what other services they offer. Some florists are expanding to offer centerpieces such as lanterns or candelabras. Sometimes they will also drape furniture. If their budget is a little over what you were expecting, ask if they are offering one of these extra services.