Three Ways To Make Sure You Don't Get Possums Living Under Your New Deck

Possums are not the prettiest of the bush creatures who like to hang out in residential areas, but that is not the main reason why people don't like having them hang around the home. They don't smell great, they clomp across the roof at night and they get into your garbage bins at all hours of the day and night. As someone who is having a new deck built for your home, you may be wondering what the connection is between your deck and possums. The answer is possums are always looking for shelter and under your deck is a perfect home for them. Keep these pointers in mind if you don't want possums moving in to live under your deck.

Eliminate Shelter Access

Possums like to set up home anywhere they can find shelter. Their normal living spots include brush piles, wood piles, under decks and inside sheds. Anywhere a possum can take care of their family out of the weather elements is a place that is going to appeal to them.

When you are building your new deck, you need to to make sure there is no way possums can get under it to create a home. This means you need to get your deck builder to fully enclose the deck rather than leaving it open. This can be done by having either wood or sheet metal running from the side of the deck down to the ground. No gaps under the deck mean no way for the possum to get in.

However, make sure the builder builds a small door into the side of the enclosure. This will allow you to easily check under the deck if you need to check the footings after heavy rain.

Make It Smell

Once you have enclosed the space under the new deck, it does not hurt to double up your efforts of keeping the possums out from under there. One easy, inexpensive way of doing this is to scatter mothballs under the deck.

You can purchase mothballs both at home hardware stores and also at your supermarket. A number of different online sources recommend the use of mothballs because possums hate the smell of it. When placed in an enclosed space, such as under your deck, the smell will be strong enough to act as a deterrent. Because you have had the builder install a door into the side of your deck, you have easy access to reach in and throw a handful of mothballs underneath. Adding fresh mothballs every couple of months will help to keep the smell strong.

Also, possums don't like cats and dogs, so if you have these as pets you can make a homemade possum repellent just by brushing your pets. Collect the fur that comes loose after a good brushing, and then scatter this under the deck as well. Possums will not be in a hurry to enter a space they think is occupied by their canine and feline enemies.

Remove Any Food Sources

If you have any fruit trees growing close by your new deck, you are going to have a new chore once the deck is built. Fruit that has dropped onto the ground is a food source for possums, and they are going to be heading close by your deck each night while they are looking for food to eat.

Even though you have the deterrent wall under the deck, plus the mothballs in the enclosed space, you don't want the possum to start scratching on the wood with their sharp claws trying to find a way in. By removing the food source next to the deck each day before dusk, the possums won't come close to your new deck while looking for something to eat.

Make sure your deck builder has considered the possum problem when they put together the design of your new deck. Getting the deck built with possums in mind means you won't need to deal with the drama of evicting a possum from under your deck later on. Visit a site like to contact deck builders.