Things to Consider When Buying Zero Turn Mowers

Is the ease of steering the only reason you should go for zero turn lawn mowers? Not really. There is a host of other advantages. For instance, you can cut the grass around tight contours without having to stop and make several turns. Secondly, you also enjoy better speed when cutting the grass, enabling you to spend less on fuel and take a shorter time mowing your lawn. Just like many other machines you have bought at home or business facility, there are some important considerations you should make when buying the zero turn lawn mowers. Here they are:

How Is the Deck Constructed?

The deck plays an important role in protecting the engine of the mower and the user for the objects thrown off the mower's blades. Generally, the deck is made of a metal that is strong enough to sustain the impact of the debris and objects thrown off the blades. It should also be resistant to corrosion and rusting. If the zero turn mower will be used for commercial purposes, you should get a mower with a deck made using heavy gauge-steel, welded tightly together. Such decks are also recommended for home owners who will be using the mower on a rough terrain. Otherwise, a deck made using lighter gauge steel would be adequate for a majority of zero turn mowers used within the home.

How Many Engine Cylinders Does The Mower Have?

You have the option of choosing between single and double cylindered engines for your zero turn lawn mowers. Here, you should also consider the purpose of the lawn mower. Double cylinder engines are more powerful and they can handle regular large and small scale mowing, which makes them ideal for commercial purposes. This is because they will be hired by different clients with both large and small lawns. A single engine cylinder will work for you if you are using the mower for the periodic mowing at home. There is no need to pay more if the single cylinder engine can work for you.

Does It Have Wide Tyres?

As much as you will not spend a lot of time navigating bends, it is still important to have wide tyres for the zero turn lawn mower. Wide tyres help to distribute the weight of the mower over a large surface area, making it easy on the grass. The tyres will not damage the mowing patterns by flattening the grass unevenly as the mower rides over the lawn.

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