Block Out The Sun: Three Reasons To Choose Plantation Shutters This Summer

As a home renovator you often time your projects so they are finished right before a particular season begins. With this thought in mind, now is the time to think about how you are going to update your window dressings before summer arrives this year. The right window dressing is attractive, saves you on energy costs, and is low maintenance. Plantation shutters tick all three of these boxes and should be high on your list of possible products to consider when it comes to updating the interior of your windows.


While vinyl shutters are common in houses, there's nothing very exciting about looking at white, thin, vinyl blinds. Plantation shutters, by comparison, bring a rustic wood look into your home. When choosing the shutters, you are presented with a variety of different louvre widths, so you have plenty of options to complement the interior decor of your home.

Your shutters contain louvres which open and shut to let light into the room. When choosing the louvre size for your plantation shutters, keep these points in mind:

  • The wider the louvre width, the more light you can let into your room. However, the width also dictates how much privacy you lose when you open up the louvres. If you live in an area with a lot of foot traffic passing your windows, for example, a medium width louvre of 64 mm will let plenty of light through, but it gives more privacy than the large louvre gap of 89 mm.
  • The small louvres of 47 mm are difficult to clean unless you have tiny hands. While they will give you the most privacy, they will allow the least amount of light into the room. Therefore, they do not suit a home that is constantly in the shade and which is already struggling to let in enough light.

The other aesthetically pleasing reason to choose wooden plantation shutters? If you get bored with the stained wood look later down the road, all you need is a quick coat of paint to completely change the look.

Energy Cost Reduction

Installation of plantation shutters in your home prior to summer could end up saving you some money on your energy costs this year. The reason for this is because when the louvres are placed into a closed position, they create a barrier that keeps the outside heat from coming into your home.

The frame of the plantation shutter is attached to the inside frame of your window, so the only way heat can enter is through the louvres when they are open. Wood is an effective insulation material, so keeping the louvres closed during the very hot summer days means you won't be paying for excessive air conditioning usage this year.

Low Maintenance

Wooden plantation shutters do not take a lot to clean, but it is important you attend to the task regularly. By giving the louvres a quick wipe over with a duster or soft cloth every week or two, the dust won't have a chance to build up. Spray the wooden louvres with furniture polish too, as this helps to make the dust slide right off.

Additionally, plantation shutters do not have the cord system for opening and closing the louvres that is used on vinyl shutters. This means not only do you not have the maintenance problems of replacing broken or stuck cords, but there is the safety aspect to consider. The opening cords used for vinyl shutters have caused the death of young children in the past. Plantation shutters have no cords, making them a great choice for a home containing young kids.

Don't wait until after summer to complete the update of your window dressings. By tackling this part of your renovations now, you will save money on your electricity bill while enjoying a fresh, updated look for the interior of your home.