Creative Ways to Make Use of Bi-Fold Doors

Throughout Australia, timber bi-fold doors have grown in popularity. They are flexible enough to serve the needs of nearly any home, and can even be used to create an outdoor seating area for restaurants or commercial locations. While these ingenious items can be used in almost any location, it's important that you utilise them the right way. Use this handy guide to learn how, when, and where to use timber bi-fold doors for optimal results.

Split Up Rooms

While the most common applications for this type of door tend to focus on entrances and exits, this is far from their only useful purpose. Because most bi-fold doors are made with full panes of glass, they can also section off an area of a home or business quite easily.

Creating a see-through wall, this allows for indoor organisation without making the room itself appear greatly smaller. Place bi-fold doors in large rooms only, as they will overwhelm a smaller room, even when made of glass.

Tip: Consider how each room of your home transitions to the next before placing your doors. If you have a dining room and a lounge room right next to one another, the area directly between these makes an excellent placement.

Enclose a Pool

As an Australian, you know how unpredictable the weather can be during the rainy season. That's no reason to stop swimming or bathing in luxury if you own a pool. There's an easy way to enclose your pool partially during bad weather--use bi-fold doors. 

Create a three-sided room with a full or partial glass ceiling, and you can use bi-fold doors on the fourth side to enclose it. With the pool sitting inside, you can then open up the doors on beautiful days and feel like you're fully outside. 

This can also be an ideal way for anyone with insect allergies or health issues to enjoy the great outdoors without truly having to leave the house.

Tip: You don't have to limit this idea to just pools--it works very well for outdoor saunas, patios, and garden sheds, too!

Reclaim Unused Garage Space

If you have a particularly large garage, you may be able to reclaim some of its unused space with a set of gorgeous bi-fold doors. Double or triple car garages that only hold a single vehicle often have plenty of space left over; this can be sectioned off in much the same way as rooms within your home. You can then create a small lounge area, a children's crèche or playroom, a workshop for your sweetheart, or even just extra storage space for household goods.

If you plan to use the space as a workshop, you'll need to consider safety precautions; exhaust can be very dangerous in small spaces, as can certain chemicals. Make sure to have an air exchange installed and/or running while working on these types of projects. 

Tip: Not sure how splitting up your garage will work logistically? Check out this link from Houzz to see how others have revamped and reworked their garages. Note the use of bi-fold doors on the first example.

Create an Open Feel in Upper-Story Rooms

Bi-fold doors don't always need to be used to transition rooms, or as a form of entrance or exit. Timber versions with large glass panels can also be used in much the same way that windows are used. These are particularly useful when paired with balconies, but work just as well for upper-story rooms without veranda space.

Simply use doors that are at least a foot or two smaller than the total height of the room, floor-to-ceiling. On beautiful days, roll the doors back and let the fresh air pour in. When it's raining, close them up and listen to the rain tumble down over them.

Tip: In homes with pets or children, care must be taken so that falls and injuries do not occur. Using a half-fence along the inside of your doors can help to create a safety lip in these instances.

Bi-fold doors are quickly gaining popularly for their open concept and airy feel. It is almost certain that your home or business could benefit from the installation of new doors, as they are flexible enough to fit almost any need. Contact your local specialist today for an assessment that will qualify just how they can benefit you, or visit a site like for more information.